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We're so excited to have you with us on this journey.

ZenTeach Beta is almost ready for showtime, and the survey below will help us understand how we may best serve you.

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Andy Freeland

Examples: Artist, creative, indie entrepreneur, super mom, musician, course creator, etc
What does success look like to you? How will you know you've arrived?
What are you currently struggling with? What really grinds your gears?
No, I feel quite lonely and unsupported ☚ī¸Somewhat, but I could certainly use moreYes, I have a lot of support and encouragement around me
No, I always get things done on timeI struggle a bit, but mostly keep upFollowing through is very difficult
I don't have a websiteI don't like itI'm okay with itI like itI LOVE IT!!!
No NeedDon't KnowWantNEED!!!
Brand Strategy
Website Design
Messaging & Copywriting
Course Curriculum
Brand & Logo Design
Graphic Design (Photoshop, etc)
Experience Design
Product Launches
Business Systems & Efficiency
Funnels & Marketing Automation
Marketing/Content Strategy
Hosting Live Workshops / Retreats
How is it different than your current setup?
Don't NeedNot SureWantNEED!!!
Gamification (points, badges)
Landing Pages
Sales Pages
eCommerce + Shopping Cart
Memberships / Subscriptions
Complete Websites
Member Profiles
Member Directories
Surveys / Forms
Automation & Tagging
For getting help using the platform, not for offering your customers support 😉
Never, I do everything myselfRarelySometimesOftenAlways, I only focus on high level biz stuff
Share anything! Feature suggestions? Wish list? Questions? Concerns? We're all ears!